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When it comes to preparing your students for Algebra 2 this might be the most important lesson. We all know Factoring is one of the toughest lessons that an Algebra 2 teacher must face.
One of the reasons for that is because the students do not get a solid foundation and mastery of the basics of Multiplying and Factoring in their Algebra 1 classes.
As Algebra 1 Teachers we have a tough job of making sure we cover all the material and making sure our students master the material. There are some lessons that ,regardless of timing, we have to spend a little more time on. This is one of those lessons. Without these foundations mastered advancing to Algebra 2 and being successful is almost impossible. 
Distributing and Factoring are the basis of almost all of Algebra 2. Set your students up for success and make sure they have a good foundation. 

Cupcakes and Algebra (Follow Up)

One way to teach Factoring is by using our Distributive Property lesson and doing it exactly backwards. Take those cupcakes and milk away!
Pass things out to certain students and take things away from students that have those things in common. It doesn’t have to be cupcakes.
Maybe 5 of your students all have a watch on. Explain to them you can only take away (factor) watches from the students who have watches. Since everyone doesn’t have watches you can’t take watches from everyone. 
Get creative! Just like distributing when you pass the same fair amount out to everyone. You have to also take away the same from everyone to keep it fair when factoring!
If you haven’t read our lesson on the Distributive Property yet if can be found here:
Here is a good video to help you get the ball rolling!

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