Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Class Activity

Solving Systems by Graphing – X Marks the Spot!

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This activity is extremely fun and my students love it every year because they get to compete!

How to Set Up the Solving Systems by Graphing Treasure Map Activity

Here's what you will need: A picture (I draw mine) of your classroom from a birds eye view. You are going to turn it into a treasure map. You can be as creative as you want with this. You can just draw it and copy it in black and white (the fastest option), you can create it on a site like (there will be a small learning curve), or you can make an elaborate map full of color, 3D, whatever you want. You will also overlay the coordinate plane over the map. 
Here is what I can tell you though, I've done all 3 and the students love them all the same and put the same effort into it. They want to win. That's all that matters. 

Step 1:

Okay, now that you have the map done you are going to hide homework passes throughout the room. No one is allowed to move during the activity. 
They will all get he same map. You will create a master map with lines drawn on it that cross where the homework passes are (Tape the Home Work Passes throughout the room under Desks, Chairs, Shelves, ect...).
Don't over think this. You literally grab a ruler and draw where they cross. Make sure they have a good Slope and Y-Intercept. Other than that they can be drawn anyway you want. 

Step 2:

Then you are going to find the Slope Intercept Formulas of these lines. 

Step 3:

There are a couple of ways you can do this activity from here depending on the skill level of your students. You can give them the 
  • Slope and Intercept 
  • Point and a Slope
  • a Point and the Y-Intercept
  • The X and Y-Intercepts
  • a T-Chart
  • or Two Points
I personally mix it up. They all have to know how to graph the lines given each of those options anyway. 

What the Students will be doing:

  • They will graph the above however you give it to them. 
  • They will call you over to check it.
  • Then you will allow them to go check that one spot you checked on their work. 
  • Continues this until they are all found. 
This assignment can take you less than 15 minutes to make and they will remember it forever. Not to mention you will get their best effort because they want those homework passes 🙂

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