Cinco De Mayo - Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Cinco De Mayo – Theoretical and Experimental Probability

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Here is an AMAZING lesson you can do with any math class! 

Get a Piñata 

  • Make sure you pick the candy that goes inside. 
  • It is best if you get a piñata that you actually have to fill yourself. This way you can fill it with pre-counted bags of candy.
  • I would limit it to 10 or less types of candy / items (You don’t have to use candy obviously. Pencils, Erasers, and Other School Supplies are Great Too).

Make a Chart

  • Create a chart where the students will count and record the numbers of the different types of candy / items. 
  • For Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 1 I would have them all count and fill in the chart for all of the candy as a class. This will insure they all have the same easy probabilities to calculate.
  • For Algebra 2 and Higher I have them bust open the pinata and grab their candy individually. Then they fill in their own charts based on their own candy gathering. Then I have them calculate the probabilities.

Sample Probabilities to Find

  • Ratio of M&M’s to Total Candy
  • Probability of Randomly Pulling a Starburst from the piñata
  • Probability of Randomly Pulling out something that is not a MilkyWay
You get the point! This can be an extremely fun and most importantly engaging activity that will make your class fun during these last few weeks of school. Testing season is here and this is a great way to lighten the mood 🙂

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