Dividing Polynomials

How to Teach Dividing Polynomials

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There are 3 different types of problems involving Dividing Polynomials. This lesson along with the lessons on Solving Systems of Equations are the two MOST difficult lessons for Algebra 1 students.
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Here are the 3 Types of Dividing Polynomial Questions Your Students Will See
1: To divide monomials use the laws of exponents in division.

2: To divide a polynomial by a monomial, we use (a + b) / c = a/c + b/c

3: The last rule is to divide a polynomial by another polynomial with at least two terms. This type of division is applied only when the degree of the polynomial in the numerator is greater than or equal to the degree of polynomial in the denominator.

Do not try to do more than one of these in a day. Your students will get them confused with each other. These each have very specific step by step processes to solve. You do not want them taking bits and pieces from each and causing them the frustration to give up. Go slow! Long division is difficult for most students with numbers only now you are throwing variables and polynomials at them. 

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