Translating Algebraic Expressions Game

Translating Algebraic Expressions

Rather than using a boring old Translating Algebraic Expressions Worksheet to teach this lesson we made a Variables and Expressions Game that requires students get a grasp of Translating Algebraic Expressions if they want to win! First you will need to download the Translating Algebraic Expressions Activity by clicking the button below! Translating Algebraic Expressions […]

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Dividing Polynomials

How to Teach Dividing Polynomials

There are 3 different types of problems involving Dividing Polynomials. This lesson along with the lessons on Solving Systems of Equations are the two MOST difficult lessons for Algebra 1 students. (Here are our FREE lessons on Solving Systems – Solving Systems by Graphing – Solving Systems by Substitution) Here are the 3 Types of Dividing Polynomial Questions […]

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Simplifying Radicals

How to Teach Simplifying Radicals

This lesson on Simplifying Radicals should be extremely simple and always winds up not being because this happens…  Why Do Students Do This?This happens because the students stop one step too early. They do this because that is how it is taught.However, if when we teach this lesson we ad one more step like this….  Then the […]

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How to Teach Zero and Negative Numbers - Algebra 1

How to Teach Zero and Negative Exponents

Sometimes in Math we have things come up that need to be proved but our students do not yet have the skill set mathematically to prove the new concept. This is one of those times. However, we can show them the proof they need for zero and negative exponents using patterns. Why is a0 = 1?Usually when we prove […]

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How to teach Pattern and Linear Functions

How to Teach Patterns and Linear Functions

Recognizing Patterns and Linear FunctionsRecognizing patterns is an everyday skill. We see them everywhere. Patterns and Linear Functions are the most common and easiest to recognize.  Visual AidsThe more visual aids you can use to show what makes graphs turn out linear the faster your students will realize that every number in a linear T-chart follows […]

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Absolute Vale Equations and Inequalities

Teaching Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities are most easily related to Distance. We have an Algebra 2 Lesson that does a good job of explaining this. It can be found here: How Tough Are Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities?When it comes to Algebra 1 this is probably one of the toughest lessons for the students all year. […]

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Solving Proportions worksheet with answers

Solving Proportions – Bad Teacher!

NOTHING BOTHERS ME MORE than when I start to teach solving proportions and my students yell out “Cross Multiply and Divide!” They yell it so proudly like they already know what I’m going to teach them. Like they are masters of proportions.  Where Does the Problem Start with Solving Proportions?The problem is a good Pre-Algebra teacher would not […]

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The Disributive Property Worksheets with Answers

The Distributive Property – Cupcakes and Algebra

Okay, this lesson doesn’t really require cupcakes but they can help! Before you ever teach the students the mathematical definition and how to use the Distributive Property you need to make sure they have an everyday definition and understanding of the word Distribute.  What does it mean to distribute something. I always use cupcakes as an […]

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