solving inequalities using addition and subtraction

Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction

When learning how to solve inequalities, algebra 1 students usually start with solving linear inequalities with one variable. They thus become proficient in solving inequalities using addition and subtraction. Early lessons on inequalities can be challenging for some students, which is why math teachers need to have specific strategies in place to address potential difficulties […]

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Teaching direct variation

Teaching Direct Variation

In units on linear functions, students learn about direct variation. This includes learning what the concept of direct variation in relations means, learning how to represent a direct variation using an equation, as well as graphing directly varying relations. To make lessons on direct variation more accessible and engaging, math teachers can employ a variety […]

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Teaching slope-intercept form

Teaching Slope-Intercept Form

When learning about linear functions, algebra 1 students learn what the concept of slope-intercept form of a linear equation means, as well as how to represent any line using slope-intercept form. Even though the slope-intercept form may not be the simplest lesson for students, there are many ways in which math teachers can make this […]

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Using graphs to relate two quantities

Using Graphs to Relate Two Quantities

In units on functions in algebra 1, one of the first things that students learn is using graphs to relate two quantities, in addition to graphing the data in a table and relating the variables in the table using the data. Even though functions may come across as scary for many students, math teachers can […]

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Graphing a function rule

Graphing a Function Rule

In introductory units on functions, algebra 1 students become proficient in graphing a function rule representing a function and learn how to distinguish between discrete and continuous functions. Although some students may experience this topic as challenging, math teachers can help out by applying diverse teaching strategies. In this article, we share a few such […]

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Inequalities and their graphs

Inequalities and Their Graphs

Inequalities and their graphs is one of the starting lessons in algebra 1 when learning how to solve inequalities. This is when students become fluent in recognizing and checking solutions of inequalities, as well as in graphing inequalities. Even though this topic may come across as confusing for some students, there are various ways in […]

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solving two step equations

Solving Two-Step Equations

Once they’re fluent in solving one-step equations, algebra 1 students can dive into solving two-step equations. This can sometimes be a tricky process, as it’s easy to mess up the order of operations, that is, the order of undoing operations to solve equations. So if you’re a math teacher struggling with this topic – know […]

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Operations on integers

Teaching Operations on Integers

When learning algebra, students learn how to perform different operations on integers, such as adding or subtracting integers, as well as multiplying and dividing them, by applying the appropriate rules for each operation. Teaching children integer operations can sometimes be challenging and children can easily mix up all those plusses and minuses! To help out, […]

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Multiplying Binomials

Multiplying Binomials

Once they achieve mastery in adding and subtracting polynomials, Algebra 1 students go on to learn how to multiply or divide polynomials, with the help of the distributive property. Before learning how to multiply long expressions, students engage in multiplying binomials. If you’re a math teacher or homeschooling parent teaching multiplying binomials to your students, […]

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The real number system

Teaching the Real Number System

One of the first things that students learn when diving into algebra is the real number system. This entails learning about the different number sets that the real number system is composed of, such as rational and irrational numbers, integers and non-integers, negative and whole numbers… To put it in a nutshell, the variety of […]

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solving inequalities algebra 2

Solving Inequalities (Algebra 2)

Once they’re fluent in simplifying algebraic expressions and solving equations in Algebra 2, students dive into another algebra area – solving inequalities. Children learn how to create equations and inequalities in one variable and use these to solve math problems. To prepare you for success in your lessons on solving inequalities, we’ve compiled a few […]

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Math activities for high school

5 Engaging Math Activities for High School

Finding a subject interesting and enjoyable has long been pointed out by studies as extremely important for students’ learning, as well as their academic performance, and mathematics is no exception to this. Yet sometimes, math teachers or educators can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start when it comes to creating a more fun and engaging climate […]

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The Disributive Property Worksheets with Answers

The Distributive Property Activity – Cupcakes and Algebra

Okay, this lesson doesn’t really require cupcakes but they can help! Before you ever teach the students the mathematical definition and how to use the Distributive Property you need to make sure they have an everyday definition and understanding of the word Distribute. Distributive Property Activities – Pass Them Out! What does it mean to […]

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Solving Equations Christmas Coloring Worksheets

What could be better than FREE Solving Equations Christmas Coloring Worksheets? Ten of them! We have created 10 Christmas math coloring worksheets for you to use during the days leading up to the holiday break. Therefore you are keep the students engaged while staying on topic. We all know how difficult it is to keep […]

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solving equations maze answers solving equations maze worksheet two step equations fun worksheet solving equations maze pdf solving equations maze dodge the monsters solving equations maze answer key algebra review solving equations maze answers solving equations maze worksheet answer key two step equation maze answer key solving one step equations maze pdf two step equation maze answer key one step equations maze answers solving one step equations puzzle multi step equation maze two step equations riddle solving equations maze dodge the monsters solving one step equations maze pdf two step equation maze answer key pdf solving multi step equations puzzle pdf solving one step equations maze pdf free solving equations puzzle worksheet multi step equations maze pdf solving equations maze dodge the monsters solving two step equations activity pdf

Maze Solving Equations Activities

Below you will find many Maze Solving Equations Worksheets to use with your Algebra 1 class. Be sure to scroll down and check them out after reading the lesson. Why Use Solving Equation Maze Activities? Let’s face it, when you are teaching your students to Solve Equations it can get really boring really fast. As […]

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Translating Algebraic Expressions Game

Translating Algebraic Expressions

Rather than using a boring old Translating Algebraic Expressions Worksheet to teach this lesson we made a Variables and Expressions Game that requires students get a grasp of Translating Algebraic Expressions if they want to win! First you will need to download the Translating Algebraic Expressions Activity by clicking the button below! Translating Algebraic Expressions […]

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Dividing Polynomials

How to Teach Dividing Polynomials

There are 3 different types of problems involving Dividing Polynomials. This lesson along with the lessons on Solving Systems of Equations are the two MOST difficult lessons for Algebra 1 students.   (Here are our FREE lessons on Solving Systems – Solving Systems by Graphing – Solving Systems by Substitution)   Here are the 3 Types […]

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Simplifying Radicals

How to Teach Simplifying Radicals

This lesson on Simplifying Radicals should be extremely simple and always winds up not being because this happens…     Why Do Students Do This? This happens because the students stop one step too early. They do this because that is how it is taught. However, if when we teach this lesson we ad one […]

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Factoring to Solve Quadratic Equations – Know Your Roots

One fun way to start this lesson (which we all know is one of the toughest concepts for our students to grasp) is to start with a story.    Factoring is about understanding and then calculating where a mathematical statement comes from. It is nothing more than that. I know, sounds boring…. Bear with me! It gets better […]

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How to Teach Zero and Negative Numbers - Algebra 1

How to Teach Zero and Negative Exponents

Sometimes in Math we have things come up that need to be proved but our students do not yet have the skill set mathematically to prove the new concept. This is one of those times. However, we can show them the proof they need for zero and negative exponents using patterns.   Why is a0 = 1? Usually […]

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Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Class Activity

Solving Systems by Graphing – X Marks the Spot!

This activity is extremely fun and my students love it every year because they get to compete! How to Set Up the Solving Systems by Graphing Treasure Map Activity Here’s what you will need: A picture (I draw mine) of your classroom from a birds eye view. You are going to turn it into a […]

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Rate of Change and Slope

Rate of Change and Slope – Ski Through Algebra!

Slope is such and easy thing to teach and I see so many math teachers make it so difficult!    Here is the bottom line. Instead of getting the students to memorize the rise and run rules of “up and to the right and down and to the left being the same and positive” and […]

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How to teach Pattern and Linear Functions

How to Teach Patterns and Linear Functions

Recognizing Patterns and Linear FunctionsRecognizing patterns is an everyday skill. We see them everywhere. Patterns and Linear Functions are the most common and easiest to recognize.  Visual AidsThe more visual aids you can use to show what makes graphs turn out linear the faster your students will realize that every number in a linear T-chart follows […]

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Absolute Vale Equations and Inequalities

Teaching Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities are most easily related to Distance. We have an Algebra 2 Lesson that does a good job of explaining this. It can be found here: Absolute Value Functions and Graphs – Real World Applications How Tough Are Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities? When it comes to Algebra 1 this is […]

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Solving Proportions worksheet with answers

Solving Proportions – Bad Teacher!

When it comes to teaching solving proportions, NOTHING BOTHERS ME MORE than when my students yell out “Cross Multiply and Divide!” They yell it so proudly like they already know what I’m going to teach them. Like they are masters of proportions. Where Does the Problem Start with Solving Proportions? The problem is a good […]

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